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At Roberts & Harris PC, our personal injury lawyers in Raleigh know GoRaleigh is the transit system responsible for operating most of the public transportation services here in North Carolina.

The system operates 27 fixed routes throughout the city’s municipal area, five regional/express routes in partnership with GoTriangle, and is contracted to operate two additional routes to the Wake Tech Community College campus, and a local circulator service in the Town of Wake Forest.

With an average daily ridership of 17,500 people, GoRaleigh provides commuters, students, and

other Wake County residents with economical and reliable transportation whether they use the bus every day, once a week, or for easy access to special events.

Unfortunately, large buses also must contend with stringent timelines, unpredictable traffic patterns and motorists, and negligent employees that can contribute to severe accidents, injuries, and fatalities.

If you have been injured while riding the bus in North Carolina, as a pedestrian or bicyclist, or as an occupant in another vehicle traveling alongside when a bus collision occurs, our skilled bus accident attorneys in Raleigh can help you determine who was responsible for the crash, so we can pursue the liable party for your full financial recovery.

What Types of Motorized Vehicles Qualify as Buses in North Carolina?

The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards defines buses as motorized vehicles that can carry more than ten passengers.

That may include:

  • Buses contracted for high school/college sports and/or other events
  • City buses, including those operated by GoRaleigh
  • Greyhound buses
  • Minibuses
  • Other vans or buses used for workers, airport transit, and religious groups
  • School buses
  • Tour buses and coaches

When an accident involving a bus occurs in North Carolina, both passengers and non-passengers can be hurt during the crash.

Determining who is liable for the collision requires partnering with a skilled personal injury law firm that has the resources to investigate the elements of the crash and who can be pursued for your injuries or the loss of your loved one.

At Roberts & Harris, PC, our bus accident lawyers in Raleigh will take the lead in your case to ensure no detail is left to chance, so we can pursue the best outcome for your unique injury needs.

What are the Major Factors that Lead to Bus Crashes in Raleigh, North Carolina?

Bus crashes are often caused by negligent behaviors, which could include reckless actions or inaction of drivers, passengers, or another third party.

That may include:

  • The bus driver colliding with pedestrians or bicyclists
  • Drivers distracted by cellphones, GPS devices, or other electronics
  • Fatigued driving
  • Inexperienced or poorly trained bus drivers
  • Operating their vehicles under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Stopping in bus lanes
  • Suddenly changing driving lanes
  • Swerving into traffic
  • Traveling at high speeds

Whether it was the bus driver or another motorist’s negligence, you should not be responsible for paying for your medical bills, lost wages, and overall accident expenses out of pocket. We can help ensure you do not have to.

Contact our skilled bus accident attorneys in Raleigh today to learn more about how we can help you hold the negligent party or combination of parties liable for your full financial recovery.

Raleigh Bus Accident Lawsuits May Involve More than One Liable Party

With multiple types of buses operating throughout Raleigh and the rest of North Carolina, determining who is liable for the crash may be complex without the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer by your side.

The reality is, there may be more than one party who contributed to the accident. When that is true, our bus accident attorneys in Raleigh will pursue each party for their share of the liability.

That may include the bus:

  • Driver
  • Owner
  • Operating or management company
  • Administrators that failed to conduct the necessary background checks on drivers
  • Bus or parts manufacturer
  • Maintenance crews
  • Another third-party, including other motorists, who caused the bus crash

At Roberts & Harris, PC, our bus accident lawyers in Raleigh have decades of experience in pursuing multiple parties based on the evidence and origin of the crash, so we can hold the liable party responsible for our clients’ fully financial recovery.

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