At Roberts & Harris, our personal injury lawyers in Raleigh explain to our clients that we investigate each of their cases much like the insurance companies will — except that we put their best interests first.

Whether you or a loved one was injured in a vehicle collision, slip and fall incident, or while seeking medical care in North Carolina, our skilled personal injury lawyers can provide the insight you need to understand how the insurance company investigates your unique claim, and what that means to your financial recovery.

How Do Insurance Companies Evaluate Who Was Liable for North Carolina Accidents with Injuries?

Insurance companies of all types, whether it is an auto accident policy, homeowner’s coverage, or business liability protection, all approach liability claims the same way: By denying their policyholder was at fault.

Even when it was clear that their policyholder was liable, which could be true when the driver runs a red light or is driving while impaired, they will immediately attempt to undervalue or deny the claim.

Once pressured by our car accident attorneys in Raleigh, the insurance company will begin investigating the claim to counter our findings.

First, they will attempt to contact the injured party to shake up their story, and potentially even get the disoriented person to take some form of responsibility for the crash.

Hoping to catch you in a vulnerable position, they will ask questions about how the accident occurred, your injuries, what type of care you are getting, and whether you can go back to work.

If that does not work, they will move on with the investigation but may contact you again later — especially if you are not taking their calls.

Much like our skilled personal injury attorneys, the insurance company will examine the injured person’s driving record, insurance coverage, witness statements, police report, and any evidence obtained from the scene.

The insurance company may also request your medical records. Your physicians may not supply them with these records unless you sign an agreement allowing them to access these important documents. Don’t.

Insurance companies are notorious for sending blanket agreements to injury victims that give them access to their complete medical history. This could significantly damage any personal injury claim, as the insurance company may blame your current injuries on preexisting conditions or older injuries. That is why it is important to limit access to your medical records, so they can only evaluate your current diagnosis and treatment plan.

Instead of guessing what you should say or share, allow our skilled Raleigh personal injury lawyers to take the lead in your case, starting with a free consultation.

Insurance Companies Are Going to Make Their Investigation Personal

Insurance companies are going to work tirelessly to avoid paying for your personal injuries. Unfortunately, the more severe the injuries, the larger your financial compensation needs, and the more they will fight.

That means making the investigation personal.

Insurance companies will run a background check on the injured person to find any potentially harmful information that will help them deny the claim.

They will also review the injured person’s social media accounts, and talk to family members, coworkers, friends, or neighbors about their behavior after the accident.

They are going to try to find any evidence that helps support their denial.

That could include locating images or witness testimony of the injured person playing sports, going to parties, or even walking without their crutches.

Do not assist the insurance company is denying your claim, or you could be left paying for your complete medical costs, lost wages, and other accident expenses out of pocket.

We can help protect, strengthen, and pursue your complete financial recovery needs, starting with a free consultation.

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