Local Counsel for North Carolina Camp Lejeune Cases

At Roberts & Harris PC, our civil dispute litigation attorneys in Raleigh are trial-tested legal advocates who have collectively served as lead counsel in over one hundred jury trials that allowed our clients to reach the successful outcomes they deserved.

We extend our commitment to pursuing exceptional results to out-of-state clients and attorneys who are pursuing damages awarded from the Camp Lejeune Justice Act, which will be paid out to victims through the U.S. Treasury Department, Treasury Judgment Fund.

Our civil litigation lawyers understand that establishing a reliable partnership with local attorneys can mean the difference between effectively navigating both state and federal North Carolina courtrooms and failing to secure a positive outcome for out-of-state plaintiffs, including our brave military personnel, their families, and civilians.

Roberts & Harris PC was founded to provide end-to-end legal solutions rooted in integrity, with a commitment to building and maintaining important relationships within our legal community during these important Camp Lejeune injury and wrongful death claims, so we can be more than just an out-of-state client or law firm’s local counsel, but the right law firm to fit their unique representative needs.

Accomplished North Carolina Litigators Acting as Local Counsel for Camp Lejeune Cases

Our skilled North Carolina civil litigation attorneys have extensive courtroom experience ranging from logistical coordination and advice on judicial expectations in hearings and trials, to local jury selection that gives our co-counsel confidence — and established home field advantage — when entering our courtrooms.

Our local civil litigation lawyers are admitted to practice before all North Carolina State Courts, the North Carolina Business Court, and federal courts in the Western, Middle, and Eastern Districts of North Carolina.

At Roberts & Harris PC, our skilled civil litigation lawyers in Raleigh have been representing clients throughout North Carolina at both state and federal levels for more than four combined decades.

Our North Carolina civil litigation law firm provides Camp Lejeune victims and their out-of-state legal representatives with the experience, skill, and knowledge of local rules, statutes, procedures, and practices.

Our law firm partner, Patrick Roberts, was sworn into the North Carolina Bar in Jacksonville, North Carolina, where Camp Lejeune is located. He tried his first case there, defending a Marine accused of attempted murder, and over the years has proudly represented many soldiers and their families in Jacksonville.

In addition, Ranchor Harris has extensive experience in multi-district litigation and mass torts cases, allowing both attorneys to provide the skilled legal representation you and your family need to pursue actual results from the U.S. government.

We are proud to provide the necessary in-state legal representation to hold the North Carolina Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune liable for injuries and fatalities caused by contaminated water on the base, and failures by U.S. Marine officials to act on the issue.

Our extensive legal experience and resources help streamline out-of-state counsel efforts and help the attorneys and their clients avoid potential pitfalls that could derail their cases before they get started, saving time and money in the process.

We know that out-of-state clients and attorneys are best served when local counsel has proven relationships and statuses among the legal community. Our law firm is renowned for our familiarity with courtrooms in each North Carolina county, and the procedures therein, which can help set our cases apart.

Contact Our Dedicated Camp Lejeune Local Counsel Attorneys in North Carolina 

If you would like to file a Camp Lejeune water contamination claim in North Carolina, but live in another state, or if you are an attorney who is seeking local counsel to help represent your client in North Carolina, contact our skilled Raleigh civil litigation attorneys at Roberts & Harris PC today at (919) 249-5006 or online to learn how we can help provide exceptional legal solutions for your unique needs today.

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