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Fighting The Insurance Dragons Who Would Hurt You A Second Time

We place great trust in doctors, nurses, surgeons and other medical professionals. We assume that these highly trained individuals will pay attention to detail and treat our loved ones as if they were their own, following the Hippocratic Oath that boils down to “First do no harm”.

That trust can be irreparably harmed when medical professionals make mistakes that place our loved one’s lives in jeopardy. No matter the good intentions of a doctor, nurse or hospital, you should not have to bear the financial and emotional burden alone when mistakes are made. This includes examples of medical malpractice such as:

It’s awful enough to realize that the people and institutions you’ve placed your trust in have failed; this is exacerbated by facing a pile of medical bills, emotional and psychological fallout, and a future made uncertain by a physical inability to go to work. The fiery dragons at the insurance companies spare no sympathy during this time of great strife. In fact, they will go to great lengths to avoid providing you and your loved ones with the resources you need put the pieces of your life back together after being harmed by medical malpractice.

At Roberts & Harris PC, we are prepared to go medieval on the insurance dragons to make sure you get the result you deserve in your medical malpractice claim. Our team of medical malpractice attorneys includes a former insurance company defense lawyer who knows how to defeat the insurance companies at their own game. Our record of case results includes a $1 million nursing home negligence settlement.

It’s Your Family’s Heartache. Keep More Of Your Family’s Treasure.

You’ve been through hell as a result of medical negligence and you deserve the proceeds of your malpractice claim. With our low fees, you don’t have to sacrifice your financial recovery to get the representation you need from proven lawyers. Call 877-404-1138 or contact us online to request a medical malpractice consultation.