Are You Injured With Distracted Driver In Raleigh, NC?

Distracted driving is hard to avoid. If you were able to watch a rush hour perched above the highway you would witness astounding acts of negligence including drivers composing texts, shaving, putting on makeup, and doing a delicate dance involving a cheeseburger and their steering wheel. Some of these images may be humorous but the injuries inflicted by distracted drivers are deadly serious. Far too many lives are ended or changed forever because of drivers who lack common sense and respect for their fellow motorists.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a distracted driver in North Carolina, you do not have to face the aftermath alone. At Roberts & Harris PC we know how scary things are right now. As you try to focus on getting better, you’re watching medical bills pile up. You’re wondering how you will keep a roof over your family’s head, let alone how you will overcome your injuries and get back to normal. Our experienced Raleigh personal injury attorneys will take care of the legal issues and deal with the insurance companies so you can focus on getting better. Our team includes a former insurance company defense attorney who puts his experience to use on behalf of injured people just like you.

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What Is Distracted Driving in Raleigh, NC?

Distracted driving is any operation of a motor vehicle that takes place while the operator driver is distracted. If you can imagine something, chances are it has been involved in distracted driving. Everything from reading the newspaper to engaging in sexual acts has taken place behind the wheel of motor vehicles, placing other motorists and pedestrians at risk of catastrophic injury and death. No matter the object or method of distraction, driving while distracted is selfish and negligent.

Our firm’s attorneys are devoted to pursuing the rights of distracted driving victims in Raleigh and throughout North Carolina. We have the resources, energy, and determination necessary to take on and Fight the insurance companies. They are aware of our successful track record, allowing us to negotiate from a position of strength. We do not hesitate to go to trial when we are unable to reach a fair settlement for our client. We will not be satisfied until you have the full and fair compensation you deserve for your medical costs, pain and suffering, lost earnings and more.

What Actions Are Considered To Be A Distraction in Raleigh, NC?

Anything and everything that distracts a driver is a distraction. There was a time where rewinding and changing cassette tapes or swapping out CDs would have been one of the leading causes of distracted driving. Today, hands-free Bluetooth technology and voice-operated sound and navigation systems have made it possible to avoid some of the most egregious distractions of the past. However, some vehicles lack those options and some drivers simply refuse to adapt their behaviors for the sake of safety. Despite countless public service advertisements on the subject, people continue to text while driving and engage in other cell phone-related distractions. Busy commuters continue to eat, apply makeup, do their hair, and get ready for work on the way to work.

Sadly, distracted driving is not limited to young whippersnappers and busy commuters. Professional truck drivers who make their living behind the wheel also engage in distracted driving. Examples include semi-truck drivers who fiddle with their laptop computers and other technology while hauling tons of cargo down North Carolina highways. Their ability to make a living is dependent on their ability to hold a commercial driver’s license in good standing and they still cannot stop driving while distracted. That says something about the pervasiveness of this problem.

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Does Insurance Cover Distracted Drive in Raleigh, NC?

The distracted driver is at fault when they cause a car accident. North Carolina is not a no-fault state, which means that the insurance company of the at-fault driver is responsible for providing the accident victim with compensation for their injuries. This includes financial compensation for their medical bills, their pain and suffering, their lost wages, their vehicle damage, and other accident-related costs. In the unfortunate scenario of a hit-and-run accident, it may be possible for an injury victim to get compensation from their own policy’s uninsured motorist/underinsured motorist coverage.

Don’t Get Hurt Again By The Insurance Company in Raleigh, NC

The insurance companies will deny your claims without blinking an eye or considering how it affects your family. They are motivated by profits and that means denying you compensation is good for their bottom line. You need an experienced advocate fighting for your right and focusing on getting the outcome you deserve. The first step is speaking to an accomplished attorney from our firm about your options for pursuing a personal injury claim. Call (919) 249-5006 for a free initial consultation.

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