What Does The GenX Investigation Mean For You?

There may be an unwanted compound in the mix that threatens your family’s health if you live in the watershed that includes the Cape Fear River.

The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) recently began an investigation into the GenX compound that was detected in the Cape Fear River in 2017 and is linked to the Chemours facility in Fayetteville, where the industrial chemical is produced.

GenX and two additional fluorinated compounds are no longer being released into the Cape Fear River. That “tap” may be closed, but the real concern is what the GenX that was released into the river means for your local tap water. According to the state, samples were sent to two separate labs and it was determined that “water quality for these compounds at all finished drinking water sites is well within state health goals”.

It’s good news that the release of GenX into the river has been halted and that water quality appears to be within state standards for healthy drinking water. However, how was this allowed to happen for so long? What else have industrial facilities been putting into our environment? If complications arise in the future as a result of such negligence, it’s important to make sure that these corporations are held accountable for the damage.

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