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E-cigarette and vaping products have been in the news lately, as the number of injuries and illnesses tied to these devices has risen.

For a long time, e-cigarettes were marketed as a safer alternative to regular cigarettes; a safe way for users to get a nicotine fix. Many traditional cigarette smokers switched to vaping – and many teenagers did, also. Vaping liquids are often sold in flavors like bubblegum, blueberry pie, and cotton candy – flavors that entice young consumers.

But recently, hundreds of people have reported vaping-related lung injuries, and there have even been vaping-related deaths reported.

What is causing these illnesses?

Officials are still unsure. And it may take many years to determine.

Many of these products contain Vitamin E. While Vitamin E is known to be safe when taken as a supplement or used topically, it may be hazardous to the health when inhaled in the vaping process.

Vaping liquids may contain toxic additives that may be making users ill. Because these products are unregulated, there is no way to know exactly what each product contains.

Some users have reported breathing problems including coughing, chest pain, and shortness of breath. Others have reported fatigue, nausea, and other symptoms.

The FDA is recommending that consumers avoid THC-containing vaping products. The FDA and the CDC are working together to investigate the causes of illnesses.

Many injuries and illnesses have been linked to the use of JUUL e-cigarettes, one of the most popular and widely used brands. But users are exposed to hundreds of dangerous chemicals – and many of these users are teenagers and young adults.

E-Cigarette Explosions in Raleigh, NC

Another problem associated with e-cigarettes and vaping products is the potential for an explosion. These explosions are often the result of problems with the device’s battery.

The injuries that may occur due to an e-cigarette explosion can be severe. If the device was being stored in a pocket, serious burn injuries can occur on the leg, hip, abdomen, or chest. If the device explodes during use, the user may suffer serious mouth injuries, tooth loss, head injuries, facial injuries, and more.

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