Other Practice Areas in Raleigh, North Carolina

Roberts & Harris PC is located in Raleigh, North Carolina, and represents clients throughout the state and nationwide.

In addition to our personal injury practice, we represent people in the following areas:

Small Business Litigation in Raleigh, North Carolina

We offer small businesses litigation services that are facing lawsuits, business contract disputesorganizational disputes, and other types of disputes.

Often, small to medium-sized businesses do not have their own legal counsel in-house. That’s where we come in. Our business litigation attorneys can step in and help your business when a dispute arises.

Qui Tam/Whistleblower in Raleigh, North Carolina

If you are aware of an individual or business that is defrauding the U.S. government, you should know that you have legal protections, and you may be entitled to compensation for blowing the whistle.

We represent whistleblowers who wish to come forward and report wrongdoing by their employers or another individual or business. Examples of this behavior may include:

Mass Torts in Raleigh, North Carolina

We represent individuals and classes of people in mass torts involving:

These cases often affect large numbers of people. Talk to a lawyer from our firm to find out what legal options may be available for you.

Contact Our Raleigh Injury Lawyers For More Information

If you wish to speak to a lawyer to find out how we can help you, please call our Raleigh law office at 919-249-5006 and ask for your free consultation with a Raleigh personal injury attorney.

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