Helping Hold The Perpetrators Of Financial Fraud Accountable

American taxpayers lose billions of dollars every year as a result of financial fraud. Let that sink in. 

Tax fraud alone costs the federal government more than $450 billion each year, according to the IRS. Whistleblowers are one of the most powerful tools for uncovering fraud and punishing its perpetrators. Federal and State governments rely on principled people to come forward with vital information that leads to the prevention and punishment of financial fraud via the False Claims Act and other anti-fraud statutes.

If you are aware of shady financial dealings you have a financial incentive to come forward (not to mention the good night’s sleep that comes with knowing you have acted with the utmost integrity). The government shares the proceeds of anti-fraud cases with whistleblowers, making this one of those rare opportunities when you can reap financial rewards for doing the right thing. With the help of an experienced Raleigh whistleblower attorney, you can also protect your personal interests and your privacy.

Proven Advocates For Financial Fraud Whistleblowers

Roberts & Harris PC is the name you can trust for representation and protection. We have the experience, resources, and tenacity necessary to assert the rights of whistleblowers and help them maximize their claims. We represent whistleblowers in financial fraud cases involving:

  • Tax fraud
  • Securities fraud
  • Mortgage loan fraud (including claims under Dodd-Frank)
  • Forgery
  • Falsification of financial documents

We have the utmost respect for your bravery and your integrity. Our team looks forward to helping you obtain your just reward while protecting you from potential retaliation.

The Road To A Raleigh, North Carolina Whistleblower Settlement Begins Today

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