Your Good Deed Can Go Unpunished in Raleigh, NC

A quick check of the headlines any day of the week results in stories detailing acts of fraud. There is no shortage of examples of greedy people engaging in fraud to pad their bank accounts at the expense of the American taxpayer. Fortunately, Federal and State government entities have a tremendous tool for rooting out such corruption.

What is it? 

We’ll give you a hint: look in the mirror.

That’s right. If you know of illegal shenanigans taking place at your place of employment or elsewhere, you coming forward to blow the whistle can make the difference between taxpayers yet again getting fleeced and a fraudster getting what’s coming to them.

Why You Should Blow The Whistle in Raleigh

Not to get too mushy, but it feels really good to do the right thing. Acting with integrity can provide you with peace of mind as your head hits the pillow at night. In addition to the satisfaction that comes with acting in the national interest, you also have a financial incentive to come forward with information that leads to a fraud prosecution. The government shares the proceeds of such actions with whistleblowers. Being a whistleblower is one of those rare times when you can have your cake and eat it too.

At Roberts & Harris PC, we represent the interests of whistleblowers in a wide range of industries, including defense, education, healthcare, construction, and real estate. You can rely on us to assert your legal rights, protect your privacy, and make sure you are fairly rewarded for your actions. In addition to taking on healthcare fraud, prescription drug fraud, and financial fraud, we also pursue Qui Tam/whistleblower claims stemming from:

  • Military defense contractor fraud
  • Federal student loan fraud
  • U.S. customs fraud
  • Construction fraud
  • Environmental fraud

Our Skilled Raleigh Personal Injury Attorneys Provide Customized Legal Solutions For all North Carolina Residents in the Following Practice Areas:

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