Seasoned Representation When A Breach Of Contract Threatens Your Business

The right contract can make or break your business. Similarly, when a contract dispute arises, such a legal battle can drain your working hours and cause significant psychological strain. Some businesses, for instance, come into a breach of contract following major life and economic changes. Your best bet at protecting your business interests in a contract issue is with the help of a serious litigation attorney.

From our personal injury law office in Raleigh, Roberts & Harris PC provides thorough legal services in a variety of civil litigation cases. Our dynamic background, including over 40 years of combined experience, has enabled us to approach every business dispute case with an informed mindset and creative, thorough strategy.

Whatever The Issue, We Can Help

Any time you develop a contract with another entity, there is a risk of breach. Several things can occur that lead to a breach of contract between business partners or entities. Such matters may include:

  • Problems with contract drafting or related terms and condition issues
  • Disagreements in semantics or technicalities within the contract
  • Coercion or fraud
  • Poor performance of duties or services not delivered

Whatever the dispute, we have extensive experience in civil litigation. Roberts & Harris PC can provide you with seasoned courtroom knowledge; we know what makes a difference to the courts.

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We can help you fight for your interests in a breach of contract or otherwise related case. Call us at (919) 249-5006 to learn how we can help. You may also begin setting up a free consultation by using the online form.

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