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What Others Fail To Do On Their Property Is Our Business

In an ideal world, we’d all go about our day and mind our own business. What other people do on their property is surely none of our business.

Or is it? 

When what people do — or fail to do — on their property results in serious injuries to others it becomes the business of our experienced personal injury lawyers at Roberts & Harris PC. We slay the insurance dragons in pursuit of the full financial compensation injury victims and their families need to be made whole again after an accident caused by unsafe premises.

Our attorneys handle all types of premises liability claims throughout North Carolina, including those stemming from:

Sadly, some of these accidents result in the wrongful death of the victim. We work with these individuals to help them seek compensation to cover expenses and move forward after their loss.

What A Premises Liability Claim Is And Isn’t

A premises liability claim is your opportunity to hold negligent parties responsible and get the compensation you need for your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages. Its the remedy set forth in our civil legal system to address these situations. A premises liability claim is NOT going after your friend, neighbor, or local business for a cash grab. In fact, claims are brought against their insurance provider. This is the reason they are insured in the first place and you have no reason to feel bad about seeking the resources you need to make things right.

Speaking of insurance companies, they’ll do everything in their power to avoid doing the right thing. That’s where our proven experience shines. We have handled hundreds of jury and bench trials and our team includes a former insurance company defense attorney who knows all their tricks.

Keep More Of Your Treasure Without Sacrificing Proven Representation

Our fees are lower than the competition. It’s your pain and we believe you should keep more of your treasure. Call 877-404-1138 now or request your free consultation with a premises liability attorney online. We’ll take care of the rest.