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A Dog Bite Is Serious – Hire A Law Firm Who Will Battle For Compensation

We would all like to live in a world where no animal had the potential to cause us bodily injury. Unfortunately, even beloved pets have the potential of causing great harm. Dog bites happen on a regular basis, and they can cause serious injury and damages to the victim and the victim’s family. Someone should pay for the pain and suffering experienced by victims of a dog attack.

If you or a loved one are experiencing the repercussions of a vicious dog bite attack, you deserve the opportunity to seek compensation. Seek out an experienced dog bite lawyer at Roberts & Harris PC. The entire team is ready to go to battle for you. We understand the complexities of a dog attack case and how best to approach them.

The Details Of A Dog Bite Case Make A Difference

Unlike states with strict liability laws, liability for dog bites can be tricky in North Carolina.

Property details come into play, such as whether the victim was trespassing. When you hire a dog bite attorney from Roberts & Harris PC, we’ll examine the animal’s role at the time of the dog attack. For example: Was it working with law enforcement when it caused your bite injury?

Whatever the personal injury case, even minor details can make a significant difference in your dog bite claim. Pain and trauma should not go unanswered. The personal injury attorneys at the law firm of Roberts & Harris PC know what it takes to stand up for a bite victim’s suffering through filing a dog bite lawsuit and seeking punitive damages for your animal attack.

When A Child Is Injured By A Dog

Sadly, children are often the victims of dog attacks. It doesn’t have to be a vicious dog to feel threatened by the erratic actions of a young child – but regardless, the dog owner is responsible for its behavior.

A child may suffer serious dog bite injuries in the face, neck, arms and legs. A serious bodily injury may result in permanent scarring, broken bones, rabies and disfigurement. It is important to work with a dog bite lawyer who can help your family recover full compensation to cover the medical bills and rehabilitation, as well as cosmetic surgery if the dog bite resulted in deep, disfiguring penetrations and cuts to the face.

Let Us Take A Look At Your Case

North Carolina is a “one free bite” state. This dog bite law means it may be difficult for a victim to go after a pet owner if it is the dog’s first bite. There may be options, though. We would love to assign a personal injury lawyer to see whether you have a legitimate claim to get compensated from the dog owner for your medical expense.

We offer free consultations and have a competitive fee structure. As a victim, you have nothing to lose by calling a dog bite attorney at Roberts & Harris PC. Reach us at 877-404-1138 or via email.